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    Great Service!

    Love Gibson Guitar Center, have everything you need and the fact it is still a standing store that hasn’t been ruined by amazon. Never been a fan of their employees especially the younger ones. 2 exceptions are at the Sherman Oaks GS, Glenn and Rigo. Literally the only 2 I will talk to. Maybe I’m being a jerk but I go in there pretty regularly and have questions those 2 are beyond helpful all the others climbed out a giant bag of dix.
    Niko Vulture

    Hi guys.

    We came here looking for a complete purchase. Instrument, cabin and head. Not sure at all what brand of the head. We came here for a suggestion to decide.

    SOME, not ALL the guys, need to improve their customer service skills. No idea if they like their job, if they don’t, we need that respect for sure. It was a bald old guy using 👓 glasses.

    Sorry guys it was really frustrating you were not open to serve people AT ALL. You are not stars guys you are workers as most of customer here we are. If you 👩‍ are an expert you need humility, good customer skills, that is a good couple for a salesperson.

    The rest of you were nice guys! Thank you.
    If you want the nicest one, Go for Mark, (the man in the picture) he has good skills, and humility to inform and serve people.

    Go #GibsonGuitarCenter. You’re the best. And we need you as survivors. Too much people is closing doors, but we hope you don’t, and you please stay alive for us.

    Go Mark! We appreciate your kindness and shared knowledge with humility.

    Note: I read the reviews and you are working in customer service improvements. Let’s see that 👍🏾


    Troy Grey


    Small, privately owned business. Great transaction! very kind and knowledgeable people. The guitar I got here is very special (Gibson ES-345 sixties electric guitar) and hard to find, their products are very unique and original and their prices are very fair. Thanks again Gibson Guitar Center!
    July Wood